So, you’re probably looking at our name and seeing “427 Motorsports” and presuming that we race Shelby Cobras or Corvettes for a living. Sadly, that’s not the case.

427 Motorsports is actually a gathering of three car enthusiasts based in Ireland – Me (Tomo), Rian, and Shea. I rock Mk2 Golfs, Rian has a strange fetish for 90s Peugeots that nobody can quite grasp and Shea… Well, just look at his Jetta. I don’t even need to give words about that car.

Three very different cars for three very different people.

We all grew up together, Shea and I since we were four and all three of us from the day we started high school. Devout car enthusiasts, if there was one thing that joined us together, it was cars. From playing with Hotwheels cars every day at break time in primary school to finally purchasing our first cars when we were in high school, cars are something that were always at the forefront of our minds.

Even though we all have fairly different tastes, we all agreed on one thing – what’s the point in a car if you just sit and stare at it all the time? Cars are made to be driven, to be enjoyed. When I bought my first car at the age of 15 with my dad, I came to learn that cars are more than just objects of transportation.

Cars bring us together. They take us to see friends. They create time together between father and son. They take us on those first dates, they create those all important first impressions – they are an extension of our own being. I would go so far as to say they are… Family.


So, when we all had our licences and cars on the road, 427 Motorsports was born. 427 was adapted from my love of the Shelby Cobra, and for some reason 427 was a number that I’ve just used for a lot of things over the years. A small car club of three friends, appreciating cars for what they are. Exploring, daily driving – no matter what it is, do it with passion, with the car you love.

And that’s where our website comes in. We’re taking our mentality of living your life with a car, and humanising it. Listening to the stories you the people have to say about your cars. Who cares if you just bought 20″ wheels for your car that stays in the garage until show season?

We want to know about where those wheels have taken you. The friends you’ve made along the way. The journeys you’ve made in your car. The memories that stand out to you with the car you’ll never forget. Because the moment you forget about the stories and the trips you’ve made in that car, that’s what it becomes – just a car.

A hollow shell with an engine and wheels. And as a car enthusiast, you know that’s wrong.

Join us as we explore the country we live in and share the stories we discover along the way.

So, we have lots of exciting content coming to you all through this site. Stories of events we’ve been to, things we’ve done with our cars, and stories of other people with their cars. That’s what we’re about – knowing that cars live as much of a life and see just as much as we humans do, and it’s about time those stories get shared. We’ll tell you a bit more about our cars, us as people, and our plans for our latest projects, but that’s all to come. Thanks for reading!

Tomo Pattison

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