As you may know, 427 Motorsports is ran by three university students. So, spare time is in short supply, which means that when summer knocks on the door, we’re very keen to answer. Projects, videos, road trips – this is when car people come alive, and we’re no exception. We’ve been getting geared up to go for Summer, and have been doing some small bits and pieces that we’re getting ready to write to you about. It’s our first Summer since the launch of our website, so we’re very excited.

So, what have we been up to?

The Rat Pack

Now that’s a proud man. And so he should be.

This is a very special project that’s just been finished and is getting geared up for a summer of touring the shows. It doesn’t look like much, does it? Good. That’s exactly what we want. There’s a lot to say about it, but I’ll leave that to Rian to get into when he gets a chance… Needless to say, you will be amazed by this car, and the fact that it’s here at all.

I Think Her Name was Deborah…

Absolute machine. The car too.

Ahh, Debbie. What an absolute star you’ve been.

Debbie recently rejoined the 427 family, and realistically wasn’t really meant to see the road right away. But due to circumstances (my brother buying a shit Vauxhall…) she’s had to perform backup duty – and she’s performed it beautifully. Mostly.

Despite some issues with brakes (i.e. having none at all) she’s on the straight and narrow now, and over summer I plan to give her front end a full rebuild. Along with the million other Mk2 Golfs in my collection, Debbie will be getting the full spa treatment. Which brings me on to…

Dial V for Veronica

Life Support.

A lot of you thought that I sold her, considering she basically has disappeared off of the face of the earth for the last 3 months. It’s not like me to not take 30 photos every day of my cars… Unless I don’t have them. Which is exactly what happened here.

There comes a point where you realise “maybe I’m just not fit for this”, and it takes a strong minded person to accept that and to ask for help that it does to keep struggling on through something and getting nowhere – which is exactly what I had to do.

This is a car with a very long and difficult story, and finally that story is coming to a happy ending. Stay tuned.


Polly want a Cracker? No, she wants lowered.

Time to get a little racy.

The newest of the 427 car collection, Polly is often forgotten about as just a daily run around. But we have big plans for her over summer, to turn her from a basically standard runaround to a fast and fun little beast. And we’re gonna show you exactly how to do it. Thinking of tricking out your interior and exterior? Keep an eye out for the Polly updates.

The Legend of the Silver Arrow

Replica BBS wheels were a magnet for all sorts of attention

Those of you who keep up to date on us will know that Conor’s beautiful Mercedes 190E met an untimely demise in December. This means he’s out on the hunt for a replacement, and he thinks he may just have found it. Will it be something just as painstakingly gorgeous or will it forever lay in the 190’s shadow? Time will tell…

Entering the Third Dimension

Time to make us some cool shit.

And lastly, we have one big new piece of technology in our arsenal: a 3D printer.

As car guys, this opens up a world of possibility. Custom car parts. Custom badges. Custom key rings. Obsolete parts? Not anymore.

Expensive GTI Gear knobs? Not so expensive for us anymore.

This sets us up nicely for the online shop we’re planning on creating after we finish uni. Get ready for some cool custom 427 things to gear up you and your car.

That’s just a sneak preview of what’s coming up over the coming months, alongside a lot more content now that we’ll be free. Stay tuned, and thanks for sticking with us!



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Car Enthusiast, Drummer, Photographer. I also write crap about cars and do some racing.

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