2 Years

What started out as a gathering of three friends mucking about with cars has turned into something so much more.

Although the idea of 427 Motorsports may have started long, long ago, it was two years to this day that we decided to make a Facebook page for ourselves – somewhere that we could show off our stuff, our cars, and (occasionally) our products. Little did we know that only two years later, we’d have our own website dedicated to sharing our adventures, the stories of people’s cars, our rants and, somehow, have close to 800 likes on our Facebook page. To a lot of people? Rookie numbers. To three people who are just having a laugh, balancing full time education with a car obsession and only set up the page to keep our stuff together in one place to stop bothering our normal Facebook friends? That’s nothing short of staggering.

Two years of putting up with us spamming you with content.

So what have we done in those two years?

Well, initially we started out just going to car events and taking lots of photographs of what we saw. We would upload them to Facebook, get some likes from people who visited the show, and all was well. Then as we went to more and more shows, we started to meet some truly inspiring people, with cars that have seen things that many people haven’t – this got the ball rolling. We wanted to share these cars, cars that people may not give a second glance, but have become part of the owner’s family, and are a part of them that they never wanted to let go.

Sadly, Facebook was rather limited for this. We couldn’t post articles. Big long posts would fall by the wayside and nobody would give them a read. Thankfully, a new form of social media was being created, and it was going to give us exactly the tools that we needed…

These three cars are the heart of 427 Motorsports.


So a while back, the opportunity to join a new, up-and-coming site called DRIVETRIBE was available. They wanted testers to help iron out the issues on a new site being created by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May. Thinking that we could do with a slice of that publicity, we applied to enter – wanting to show off that cars are more than just, well, cars.

Amazingly, we were picked!

This gave us the bug to get writing. Finally we had a platform to write stories on, to get our views across, and to share some of the amazing things we’ve seen or heard on our adventures with our cars. When the site finally went live, we managed to gather a fairly reputable following, but we began to crave a bit more freedom.

We’re individuals. We believe in expressing that fact.

Whilst DRIVETRIBE was great, and is definitely what sparked our desire to write and share, it wasn’t very us. Every page on it looked the same, with no real creative freedom. You couldn’t pick colours,  or style… It essentially felt like a Facebook page – granted, a more journalistic looking Facebook page, but a Facebook page nonetheless – and we thought it was time to bite the bullet and give ourselves the freedom to make our page look as we see fit.

Becoming more… Us.

And so, in September 2017, we did it. We took the leap of faith, and set up a website – finally a place that we could share our own content, at our own pace, in our own style. And we haven’t looked back since. As many photos as we like, different pages for each of us, creating and embedding our own videos… It’s a freedom we’ve never known before.

The clock is ticking down to summer.

As it comes ever closer to summer, we’re getting more and more excited. With the three of us in full time education, summer is when we come alive, and it’s our first summer having our own website to share our content. Expect to see lots and lots of content – we have a lot of things planned.

Thanks so much to everyone who has supported us. We’d still be doing what we do even if no-one was with us, because it’s who we are – and it makes it so much more special to know that people actually enjoy reading about what we do and what we have to say.

Till next time…


Published by Tomo Pattison

Car Enthusiast, Drummer, Photographer. I also write crap about cars and do some racing.

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