Just because the sun’s going down, doesn’t mean it isn’t going to come back up again.

I don’t think that anyone could put it better than Ferris Bueller, with his classic line, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”.

Everyone these days seems to be in such a rush. In a world filled with on-demand entertainment, instant gratification from friends on social networking and the ability to find out essentially anything you desire using just the portable device at your fingertips, people don’t seem to have the time to wait around anymore. We’ve been spoiled by the world of technology, and if it can’t be done right away, we tend to forfeit our interest.

It’s rather sad, and it’s becoming especially true in the car world.

If this article were a Peter Gabriel song that had some English bird in it, it’d be “Don’t Give Up”. 

I’m not sure if it’s a hereditary thing, but as it’s becoming more and more common, I’m beginning to think that there’s a distinct correlation between social media and people giving up on their projects. It can be tough looking on your facebook timeline and seeing that your friend has put up photos of their spin in their fully restored classic by the beach, or of them setting blistering times at the local race circuit, and then going to your own garage and seeing a giant hunk of parts. Day in and day out, I see project cars up for sale, in various states of disrepair, usually with the reason “lost interest”, or “don’t have the time”, and it makes me sad. Sometimes, you can just tell they’ve realised they’re in out of their depth, and can’t go on. I know there’s been times I’ve seen absolutely breath taking Mk2 Golfs online and thought “why am I even bothering”.

Recently though,I was dragged by my better half into (by “dragged into” I mean “agreed to willingly”, but that’s not as fun.) watching a show about four and five year olds, and the ways that they interact with each other. They were a mixed ability bunch, with some being a bit more socially able than others, mixed in with those who may have had some issues such as speech impediments or anxiety problems.

I can tell you’re thinking “Jesus Christ Tomo, it’s a bloody car site. You’ve definitely forgotten that over your last couple of articles. Cars are just a thin veil for your rants, aren’t they?” Bear with me. I know where I’m going with this.

I think.

It’ll leave the garage eventually. I promise you. 

The thing is, these kids who had the issues, they didn’t let it get them down. It may have taken them a little longer than it took the other kids, but eventually they opened up and they joined in the fun and games with the rest. In times of isolation, they didn’t let it get them down – in the end, they were happy, and they were all the better for it. They didn’t decide they wanted to go home and stop playing, they just needed some extra time. I think that we can learn a lot from these kids. They may be only four years old, but they relate to us more than we think.

Just because your project is taking you longer than you wanted it to, doesn’t mean you should give up. Eventually, it’ll be you posting those photos by the beach with your pride and joy – it might take you a little longer, but you’ll get there. Your project is costing you more than you planned? Just set it aside for a while. You can get to it at some point, and when you can afford to, just come back to it. You have your whole life to build that car. It doesn’t have to happen tomorrow. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it still stands today. Your car won’t be ready tomorrow, but when it’s done, it’ll be with you till the end. We all do things in our own pace.

One of these cars was ready right away. One of them is continually being drastically overhauled. But here? You can’t tell. And in the end, that’s what matters.

The next time you think “I’m fed up of this, I’m getting rid of it”, just walk away, and come back in your own time. Remember those children and how they didn’t let things stop their progress – their progress just took a little bit longer than everybody elses, but they got to the same place in the end. Don’t give up on your car – because it won’t give up on you.


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