Bo Peep has Found her Sheep.

Well, that was unexpected.

There’s a quote that I heard in a YouTube video a while back and it’s resonated in my head ever since. “Potential, is just wasted energy”. You often hear people talk about the potential that a car has. People buy cars like Ferraris and Lamborghinis because of the ‘potential’ they have. “Sure, I COULD do 180MPH in this car. But I’m not going to because that’s illegal on public roads. But I COULD. If I wanted to.”

I think it’s fair to say that the vast majority of fast cars are sold because of their ‘Potential’. What they COULD do in them, the speeds they COULD achieve, but more importantly, the attention that they WILL get. Sadly, as I said at the top, this is merely wasted energy. For 90% of those extremely fast cars, they never will hit the speeds they can achieve. They’re destined to become garage queens, taken out when the owner needs an ego trip to make themselves feel good.


But potential can expand to more things, and in many instances, ‘Potential’ is things that you could do TO a car. Years of people buying tired, ragged old cars and saying “Well hey, it’s got potential!” and it’s this ability to see what cars COULD be that separates car people from normal people. Some people see a heap of junk, some people see a beauty in disguise. You get my drift. Being a classic VW owner I’m used to people seeing it as a heap of junk but hey ho. Anyway, back on topic.

Along with seeing what a car could be, there is the potential to see what a car can DO. Or should I say, what you can do WITH it. And this, is where this story truly begins.


Some of you may have read the article I wrote a while back about how you shouldn’t sell something you’ve given a name to. Essentially it was a love letter to a certain Subaru Impreza I used to own, called Immy. Imogene when she’s being bold. After I publishing that article I made a vow, that I would buy another Impreza if it killed me. Anyone that knows me will tell you that from the moment I finished University for Christmas to the day I finally found one I worked every single day and sold quite a few things that I have to try and build up money to buy one again.

After trawling the local (and national) classifieds every few hours for what seemed like an eternity, I just couldn’t find a decent Impreza in the spec I wanted. It wasn’t even a budget issue, because that would have been understandable. There just genuinely was no 2.0 Non Turbo Imprezas for sale anywhere that weren’t rotten or looked like they crashed into the local branch of Halfords and was recovered in the tacky wheels and accessories aisle.


But one Sunday morning in work I got a tip off from a friend about a certain very special Subaru that had literally only just gone up for sale. A car that sadly, as I talked about above, had lots of ‘Potential’. Road trips were going to be had. Places were going to be explored. Reliability was finally going to be had.

Sadly, some things happened and this meant I had to sell Immy before I truly realised her ‘Potential’. Not only in looks, but in what could be done with her. We had so many things planned, but like a poser with a Ferrari, I was only living on what I knew I could do with it instead of actually going out and living this new outdoors-y radical adventurous lifestyle that the Subaru brand seems to now be synonymous with. But now, I’m able to give it a second lease at life. See the whole of the country. Explore places like I ambitiously imagined before.


I’ve been asked a few times why I’ve bought back a car I sold not too long ago. I guess it’s sort of like going back and replaying a game you completed before, just to try and see what new things you can discover. Except I never completed this game – and there’s so much left to discover.

So much… Potential.

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